Over the weekend, I was claimed to be racist. It was told to me that my view of how people should be allowed into the country I live in is racist. Just because someone posted something I didn’t agree with, to which I had responded. The post itself was a ridiculously idiotic meme that had women lined up wearing t-shirts that, when read properly, said “Make America White Again”, a propaganda supposedly endorsed by Donald Trump. News flash : America was never “White”, just as America was never “Christian”, “Jewish”, “Mormon”, “Hindu”. I think you see where I am going with this.


Due to my nature of being blunt and “in your face” with my opinions, I was called racist. Yet when America had a giant flooding of immigrants in 1892, they had to go through due process. They were processed, screened, checked for health issues, and given a new life in America through Ellis Island. The immigrants came from all over the world, seeking a new start in America where they could fulfill their dreams of being able to have a family and love peacefully. The process took anywhere from 3-5 hours and so long as everything was in order, they would go on to begin their lives.


Sadly this is not at all how immigration is handled anymore. People come here by illegal means anymore, taking jobs for less than the average working American and send most of the proceeds back home to take care of their family. Now I’m not saying condemn them for wanting to take care of their families, not at all. I support the idea of people working hard to provide for their families. Coming into a country illegally to do so, that is wrong. That takes away from the American people who have families of their own to take care of.


Immigrants who come to America now days get free handouts, free medical, free place to live, option of section 8 housing, food stamps, etc. Meanwhile we have people living in the streets, finding any odd end job they can, just so they can have a meal a day if they are lucky. We live in a day and age of self entitlement, where people think everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. This is wrong on so many levels.


I firmly believe that if someone wants to come into America and work, they should go through the process to become a citizen. Most contries require it, so why can’t we without being called racist? If I am racist just because I believe one should go through the required steps to become a citizen of America in order to work a job in America, live in America, and call America home… Then I am racist and I refuse to apologize.


10 thoughts on “Racism

  1. nothing that you have said can possibly be construed as racist…your poster was obviously not only a complete idiot but a moronic fool to beat the band! Keep on stating your beliefs! YOU HAVE THE RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH! USE it..and part of that is even when others dislike what you have said it’s just too bad. You have the right to say it. and when someone is OBVIOUSLY a complete idiot, you are allowed to tell them so.

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  2. Exactly and immigration should be at a level that is economically and environmentally sustainable for the host country. I shan’t labour the point as I have put it on my own blog, but England, where I live, now has an average population density of more than a thousand people per square mile. Our country’s infrastructure simply cannot cope with any more people. You could call it ‘spacism’ rather than ‘racism’.

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