As we walk around, looking at all the shiny baubles and trinkets the world has to offer, I’ve begun to wonder just what exactly is wrong with me. I don’t like things. Sure, if I’m given a gift, I accept it and appreciate it, but more often than not… I tend to forget about it. Example being I’ve been given many necklaces, rings, bracelets, and other similar trinkets but the only ones I actually wear are my wedding ring and engagement ring. Up until the chain broke, I wore a necklace that was symbolic of my husband and mines anniversary because it was made with the same stone type as my engagement ring and had Celtic knotting around it to hold it in place.


I’m not a fan of clothing or of makeup, and there are very few scents I tolerate. Shopping is mundane at best, unless it is shopping for the kids. Oh my goodness, shopping for my kids? You better get out of my way because I’m on a war path to find the most adorable outfits for my darling sweet angels. I would gladly trample a person into smitherines to get my hands on a new pair of shoes or maybe some adorable themed socks for my Bean, and don’t get me started on outfit buying for my Buggy Butt. I am passionless when it comes to buying for me, or pampering me. My kids though? I’ll gladly buy items for them until the bank cries for forgiveness for whatever wrong it may have done that day.


My kids are my pride and joy, and I dress them up every chance I get. I spoil them with home cooked meals even though they aren’t fully capable of using a spoon and fork yet, and I love spending as much time as humanly possible with them. Chasing them and hearing them squeal and giggle brightens my day and puts a smile on my face like no one would even imagine. It brings back the memory of what my mom used to say. “I had kids so I’d have someone to play with.” Honestly and astoundingly, I never realized how true her words were until I had kids of my own. The sweet sound of giggles in the morning, playful laughs by lunch, faux screams as I chase them from one room to the next. Yes, there are dark times and moments where I want to rip my own hair out but that is part of being a parent. No one, adult or child, is going to be pleasant all the time. To expect as such is just… Well it is naive. So very, very naive.


The thing I guess I’m writing this to get across is this : I do not understand how some people can be so self-serving and self-centered… Splurging to go for faux tans and getting their hair, nails, toenails, and face done all prim and prissy like they think they’re some movie star. I don’t see the allure there, honestly. It is like Peanut from Jeff Dunham, “vvvyyeeeuuuhhmmmmm” over my head completely. The amount of shoes some women own, and the throngs of clothing they buy… It is mind boggling for me, because even when I have the money to do that for myself… I rather spend it on the kids, or my husband, or paying bills. You wouldn’t even be able to guess how many times I’ve managed to get out of buying stuff for myself when my husband had very passionately decided we were going to go get something for me. I’ve turned self-shopping avoidance into an art form, the likes of which no other has seen before!


Now I’m not saying I find it bad or in poor taste to do something nice for ones self every now and then, as people we all deal with a lot in our day to day lives and more stress than any person should ever have to handle. A little splurge here or there isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when you have an entire closet with homemade shelves to accommodate your selection of shoes, purses, or whatever… I think you may have gone overboard.


2 thoughts on “Spoiling

  1. I so very much agree with what you have said. So many people think they have to have stuff to be happy..when everything you truly need is quite small. I can relate to the trinkets…I have been given many over the years, my hubby loves to give them to me..but I wear exactly three rings.my wedding set and an Israeli wedding band on my thumb. I actually like to go shopping, but not for me. Oh I like clothes as much as the next girl, but I would so much rather get a present for someone I love. of course, I would like to have a closet………..it could come in handy for hiding things I have purchased for the kids and grands…..lol

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    • Haha yea, I was thinking the same! A closet to hide the gifts and goodies I get for the kids would be awesome 😉 if only I could hang onto gifts and goodies long enough to have a use for it xD I love seeing their beautiful smiling faces as they light up when they see the special stuff mommy and daddy got them. 😀

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