An Opposing View

Envy  is a dreadful thing. I really haven’t myself envied anyone, aside from the people my husband works with because they see him more than I do. However, I have been the object of envy in many places. Why people are envious of me is beyond my comprehension, but alas, the statement still rings true. I’ve been the victim of envy many times, to the point people have attempted lashing out at me and screaming obscenities. It gives me a thrill knowing that someone is envious of me though, it is like when trolls get responses and end up making other regular players mad in a game. A better example that most might know is when you find something on Facebook and you just happen to be the first one to post that super witty and intelligent response, and everyone else hates you for it because they couldn’t of said it better than you.


I have been envied for being able to speak my mind and not feel ashamed of it, so much that there was a clique in a game I used to play that would try their best to troll me, only to get “schooled” by me. The irony is they hide this envy by trying to portray themselves as “hardcore” and “badass” because they hate the fact that someone could outwit them and not be bothered by their slander. So frequently I used to be slammed because they hated my openness about who I am, and how I perceive the world. It wasn’t until later that I found out that they were actually envious of me because they weren’t able to be that open about their own selves or even their lives outside the game. Often envy shows itself as a form of hatred because people cannot seem to be able to portray this envy without feeling malicious. Very rarely does any good come from envy, but as with all things, it does have its place.


I’ve also been envied in the work place by my fellow coworkers, once even to the point they made false allegations and got me fired by claiming I had threatened to beat them. I was later informed that the person who had gotten me fired was envious of the fact that I was more efficient as well as faster at my job, and was granted the opportunity to do the task more frequently than them. Just how whacko do you have to be to be able to work side by side with someone who is more proficient than you without throwing a giant tissy fit? I cannot imagine honestly being so envious of someone who knows a job better than myself to the point that I try to get them fired. Really, that is more of a learning opportunity if anything! Seriously, what is the point in getting someone fired who could coach you to do better at your job so that you could excel? It isn’t like you’re going to miraculously get better at your job if you don’t put in the work and effort.


Last but not of least importance, I have been envied for my life in general. I live a very fabulous life, if I do say so myself. Sure I am not famous, I’m not a model, I’m not a master of the culinary arts, or anything of the sort. I am however a daughter, a wife, and a mother. I have the most amazing mom in the world, who does her best to spoil me rotten even though I’m an adult. My husband is both handsome and an absolute sensational comedian who strives to bring light into my every day, no matter what the situation. Not to mention he gifted me with the two most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. He works hard so that I can stay home and take care of our children, giving me what I’ve always wanted and more. For that, I have been envied in both positive and negative ways. Some envy my life for the fact they wish they could have a family, or that they had a family but they grew up. Some envy my marriage because no matter what strife comes our way, we always push through and we do our best to make it work. We love each other enough to be open about what makes us upset to one another, and now a days most people… Well, when they have a problem they don’t really talk it out. A strong marriage is built on the foundation of communication, intimacy, and above all else, devotion to one another. Due to my strong bond with my family, I have been thoroughly envied by people both online and in real life.


So yes, envy can be negative and result in a bad taste in others mouths like when you’re driving down the road and you pass a ran over skunk. Envy can also be pleasant in the fact that you envy ones ability to make it through the roughest situations without letting it break you. That envy is usually cast out by friends and family who are happy for you that you’ve come so far and done so well. My advice is try to keep your envy in check, because envy can really be a ugly beast that ends up ruining friendships, careers, and sometimes even families. Don’t let envy control you, control your envy.

3 thoughts on “An Opposing View

  1. Really good points. and that smell of skunk? I am so glad you don’t have to smell it like some people I know! I think one even wears a skunk hat just to remind them how cool you are and they aren’t….LOL

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