Bitter Sweet

So, as anyone who has been reading my posts would know, I have a fabulous husband and two daughters. They are the thing that brings about my unimaginably extreme joy, and they are also the few who can easily shatter my heart and ruin my day. A prime example of my heart being shattered and my day ruined would be today. My husband and I decided we were going to try taking the kids for a short walk around the block with the kids, but instead of taking our double stroller which has been converted to a Sit-n-Stand, we let Marie (our eldest at 30 months old) walk with us, trading off who held her hand. It started out okay, the weather was nice and the kids were rather excited to start our short trek around the block!


Then disaster struck… As soon as we got outside, our eldest decided to try to RUN for the road, straight off the sidewalk. Immediate paranoid overly protective mother mode set in and I chased after her, frantically calling her name as if I thought for two seconds she’d actually listen and stop. Like a two year old really listens? HA! I caught her right before she got to the divider that separates the two big blocks of buildings and the big wide open driveway. Holding onto her for dear life, I marched her right back to the porch, determined to make this walk pleasant or at least exist outside my imagination and daydreams. Don’t get me wrong, I know better than to actually expect a 2 year old to obey their parents commands. I had no misconceptions about how this would go, but I did have hope that it wouldn’t go as badly as it did in my head before bringing the idea up to my husband.


Daddy comes out with hoodies for all, and we begin our short little jaunt. Everything seems okay now, now that Daddy is here to hold the big girls hand and keep her in check! Wait… Spoke too soon. She wouldn’t stop picking up everything and trying to run off yet again. Thankfully, mister Dad man was on it! He picked her up and held her under his arm like one would with a very nice briefcase that has some important documents in it. Have I mentioned we haven’t left the property we live at yet? When we finally manage to make it to the sidewalk, Dad sets the Bean down and tells her that she had better behave. On our way down the walk, she is getting overly excited. Meanwhile Buggy Girl is just happy as can be, enjoying the breeze in her face and grinning from ear to ear as she screams DaDaDaDa over and over with utter enthusiasm. I know, my kids are freakishly adorable.


Yay, we managed to make it to the edge of the street where we need to cross! Minimal mishaps in that small stretch of sidewalk has given me hope for a potentially enjoyable walk. We stop at a little shop at the corner to grab a drink and carry on our way. After all, he has to go to work shortly after we get done with our walk and who doesn’t enjoy a little caffeine to wake you up? Low and behold, as soon as we are getting the stroller with Celeste out of the shop, Marie the Zippy Bean decides to make a run for it and bolts between Dad and I, streaking out to the driveway where all the cars go when exiting the drive-through of the convenience shop we were at. Both Dad Man and I cannot help but utter a most unfavorable word under our breaths as I let go of the door and run after the Zippy Bean. Using calming breathing and trying to “re-zen” myself, the husband and I swap care packages and head on further, trying to salvage something of our walk. The husband and I walk on down and the Bean is becoming less restless and enjoying the walk all the more, but soon enough it is time to return home. Everything was fine until home was within view. With a sudden shoulder ride, she just decides to go with the flow once we actually get to the door step, being so cute and laying her adorable blonde head on Daddy’s head. 


So todays adventure was both sweet and bitter in its own little way, with a combination of happily squealed “Dada” from the Tiny Tot and some extra Daddy loves from the Bean. Despite the tiff at the beginning of our little walk, it was a lovely time out with my little family. I call it a success at least.


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