An Unabashed View

Most believe that our family is exactly what it is : those we are born with, raised around, and in some instances, people we have never met and will never meet. The common belief is that family is our blood relations, and while I agree in one instance… I have to also disagree at the same time. I am very picky about the people I surround myself with. So much so that it has come to the point that the only person I willingly contact is my own mother. Keep in mind I have a father (still alive) two sisters and a brother. I also happen to not be very easy to get along with. I’ll get into that another time.

Just because you are blood related to someone does not mean you have to do and give and sacrifice for them. At no point in your life are you required to do anything for anyone that you are not comfortable with. I don’t care the guilt trip they try playing on you or the emotional pain they put you through afterwards. You take care of you, the people who are meant to be in your life will be there whether you need them or not. 


Your family isn’t just who you are blood related to, though. They are the people who annoy you, love you, act a complete fool just to make you laugh. They are there for the good times and the bad, regardless of how much of a jerk you might be to them. They understand you and they accept you for who you are, no matter what, because they appreciate you for you. I found this out when I was just a kid, and many say this is a very calloused way of thinking but I find it to be a very realistic way of seeing the world.


I myself have very few friends, again because I am so ultra picky about who I spend my time around and because I can be a totally insufferable Blunt B. Due to my lack of BS though, I have found some very good people and have in turn adopted them as my family, since to me they treat me better than most my family ever has. Sure we all have our down moments and we don’t always shine as brightly as we would hope, but as we grow older and wiser, we begin to realize some of these dim bulbs in our life just aren’t going to get any brighter. It is then that we must cut ties with these unfortunate folk, be they blood relation or close friend. The negativity that these people bring into our lives brings about feelings of despair, a sense of hopelessness, and is frequently coupled with bouts of depression. None of which is good for anyone, which is why I believe quality is always better than quantity.


I would like to take a moment to give acknowledgement to a couple people who have helped me to become a better me though. One of them I talk to regularly, we have an on going timey-whimey joke about me being her younger version from a different time stream, which is why we can never truly meet in a face to face setting because it would cause absolute devastation to the time vortex and potentially destroy time as we know it. Another I also talk to frequently, that would be my mother who has always been there regardless of whether or not I honestly need her. We talk every night, because I don’t ever want her to think I don’t appreciate everything she did to raise me into the woman, wife, and mother I am today. The last would be the other crazy lady who helped me with creating this very blog. She has also been there for me in times that I wasn’t quite sure I could make it through. She was the first to realize I was suffering postpartum depression while pregnant with my second daughter. You three amazing women have made me a better person for having known you, and you are, at least to me, family.


With that all being said, I am going to cut this post here and bid you all a lovely day/night, and I hope you all count your blessings.


3 thoughts on “An Unabashed View

  1. Hey, Mini-me……you are absolutely adored. I thank whatever higher power is out there for the incredible privilege of meeting you online…..and you are absolutely correct. A face-to-face meeting would destroy the time continuum. Thanks for the mention. ❤

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    • Hey other-version-of-me ( can’t think of anything cute to go with the opposing version of Mini-me lol ) it really is all due to one game that neither of us even play anymore. Hahaha it gave us something to do, and gave us a way to meet and connect. I am ever so grateful for it, because you’re one in a billion. 🙂

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