Such A Silly Word

Now… I can go off the deep end on the different ways the word dirty can be used in a sentence, especially by one such as myself. I like my words to have multiple purposes in life, and dirty just happens to be one of my top favorites. Goes along with some of my most versatile swear words, but just like some of the darker meanings of the word dirty, we won’t be getting into that. 


Now, according to Merriam Websters Dictionary 

adjective \ˈdər-tē\
Popularity: Bottom 50% of words

Simple Definition of dirty

  • : not clean

  • : indecent and offensive

  • : relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way


That is a pretty extensive definition, for being kept to a few key words. I’d like to expand on that though. For instance, many believe the word dirty should be used in place of “messy” or “cluttered”, and for many homes that have children, dirty has been used in reference to a home where there are children at play. That isn’t very fair though, because having things strewn about is kind of a big part in being a parent. For those who have children, you know just how hard it can be to keep a house tidy especially while children are awake. This is primarily an issue for families with young children or kids who run in and out of the house a lot, tracking dirt, mud, and even leaves and grass into the home. Don’t even get me started on the dirty muddy hands everywhere, or the bug slime that might get tracked in. Sure, its dirty because it can easily be washed away, but is a form of dirty that isn’t easily controlled. Kids sort of have a mind of their own, have you seen kids with a box? I think thats all I need to say about that.


Then there is the second portion of our definition which, I tend to use slanderously a lot. When I say a lot, I mean a lot. I am an extremely conservative person, even in the heat I wear pants that fit, not pants that are tight. I see indecent / offensive people any time I leave my home, so much so to the point that I have sort of become a hermit. To be quite frank, people tend to disgust me. I’m not just talking regular “Oh thats nasty” kind of disgusting either, I’m meaning full on vomit inducing nastiness. I don’t approve of wearing croptops, v-necks, or really anything that shows excessive skin, and I know I’m not alone but I am also apart of an extreme minority. Taking a look at todays fashion, I’m in such a small minority that finding clothing I’m willing to wear becomes just down right exhausting. Take Miley Cyrus for example… That girl is nasty. I watched one of her videos to find out why so many people were hating on one of my old childhood idols from television and… My image of her has been permanently ruined.


Onto the final and most obvious definition of dirty, at least, when I use the word. In most cases in which I use the word “dirty” to describe indecent in a sexual sense, verbose people call “promiscuous” which, as fun as the word is to say… Sadly most people don’t have any idea what the word means. Too many times have I found myself calling people dirty for being sexually active without any idea the potential consequences, for instance cheating on ones husband. Seen that one too many times, and I call people who do that many bad names but the most prominent one would be dirty. They are very very dirty. Throw in the people who like to run around having relations in public places like behind a Walmart or in a park, and you have another selection of very dirty people that really need to take a look at their self esteem.


I know my point of view on the word may be harsh, and my expansions upon the Merriam Webster dictionary definition may be a tad uncouth but my blog is for freedom of expression through words and I’m just that kind of person. I am anti-PC ; but only to the extent that adults are adults and if you’re old enough to vote you should know better than to think your opinion invalidates mine. 


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