A Little Something Adorable

So earlier today, I was talking with a good friend between tickle attacks with my two adorable little rugrats. They were running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room and would stop right in front of me, then let out a high pitched squeal of a giggle. At that moment, the Dangerous Mommy Monster would tickle-tackle babies and blow bellies, listening to the ever so lovely sound of baby giggles. If you can’t imagine it, just know this… It was freaking adorable and the giggles were like the most lovely music in all the world. In between these bouts, they would “retreat” to the kitchen, hiding by the sink and giggling to themselves. Then sure enough they would come back for another round of tickly kiss attacks and belly blowing, followed by more rambunctious giggles that filled our home.


Out of the blue, my eldest daughter grabs my shirt by the hem, and proceeds to drag me into the kitchen. She was assisted by her sister who was pushing my calves as best she could to make sure I didn’t stray from the path. As soon as we were between their highchairs, Marie then promptly climbed into her chair, looked at me with the most stern look I have ever seen on a toddler and said with absolute clarity, “Noms.” This was immediately followed by a very cross folding of her arms across her chest and a faint, “Hmph.” Baby sissy decided to then try to climb my leg, making the most adorable whining sound I have ever heard. I craned my neck to see past the refrigerator and sure enough, it was past lunch time! Turns out we had been having so much fun playing and carrying on, we had completely forgotten about lunch until the kids remembered they were hungry. It was officially 11:17am, almost 20 minutes late.


As I was trying to figure out what to do for lunch, I panicked and decided to make a quick game of pick up the toys so we can find the sippy cups. This seemed to delight my eldest, my youngest was not so easily swayed. She eventually joined in as I kept giving Big sissy praise for getting so many toys up off the floor, and as we were getting the last of the toys we found the sippy cups! After a quick check of their diapers and a fast change and cleanup, cups were cleaned and filled with fresh milk and they each got half a banana to delay the inevitable, “What to do for lunch.” dilemma. Thankfully my eldest was on point and decided she wanted a sandwich to go with her banana and what goes better with milk and a banana than a peanut butter sandwich?! Nothing, I tell you! My kids would be inclined to agree.


After all this had happened, I was telling my friend about what had occurred and she couldn’t help but wish I had thought to bring a camera or my phone to capture the adorable behavior on the record.


2 thoughts on “A Little Something Adorable

  1. even though you missed that photo-op, your words were descriptive enough that i could clearly SEE what those imps were doing…and I can surely imagine the sound of that HUMPH! enjoy each day with them, they grow up so very quickly. ❤

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    • Yea, it was an amazing photo-op that I missed out on, I tried to make sure I captured the essence of what happened so that it really painted a picture. I do my best to enjoy every day, even the bad. Every day is a treasure. 🙂

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