Window To The Soul

So many times throughout artistic history, the eyes have been dubbed the window to the soul. As poetically beautiful as that sounds, some of us don’t have such a beautiful soul. In many cases, our eyes betray us and tell our real feelings about a situation. They can mirror the happiness in ones smile, or show the pain they hide deep inside. What I’ve always wondered was how it came to be that our eyes can betray us and tell the world how we really feel, when we might outwardly be trying to portray another emotion. Our eyes being the window to our very soul could both work in our favor and also betray us.


Frequently, William Shakespeare used many metaphors describing just how deeply and meaningfully it has been realized that our eyes are the window to our soul, and not in just one play but quite a few. So much so to the point that even in one of my favorite Television Shows, they had an episode with William Shakespeare in which he was quoted as saying, ” How can a man so young have eyes so old?” to which he was speaking to The Doctor. For those who do not know, The Doctor is from a British Television Show called Doctor Who, and The Doctor indeed looks quite young in the mentioned episode, but is far older than he looks. One of the things that can make or break an actor is the ability to really show their emotions through their eyes, portraying the feelings their character is feeling. A good example is watching scenes between actors like Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston, and later on David Tennant when The Doctor regenerated. Granted I didn’t like Billie Pipers character personally, the miraculous change of how her eyes viewed The Doctor during her time on the show was intense and really showed a deep emotional connection. 


It is wild, to think that our eyes can portray so much of ourselves when we least want them to, and what boggles my mind is how in the world actors and actresses alike manage to use their eyes to convey such fierce passionate emotion. I am a firm believer that our eyes truly are the window to our soul, and that it is this very factor of our biology that makes looking into someone we love’s eyes all the more special. So many times it is given the illusion that all couples look longingly into each others eyes, and for those who truly are in love with one another, they can feel a spark between them. I don’t know as to the validity of that statement, but I know I’ve always felt a spark when I look into my husbands eyes. It has been brought to my attention that this spark may be caused by the eyes response of dilation in accordance with a more primal urge, the symbol of physical attraction to a potential mate. In most cases, if you’re in love with someone, your eyes will dilate to saucer like sizes. The reason behind this is that as you see someone you find attractive, the eye begins pulling in more light, widening the pupil so that it can further process visual information on a higher level.


I personally love the ideology of our eyes being the window to the soul, because in so many cases it has been proven. Even in my own life, I have witnessed it to be true, not merely by scientific speculation and research. When you find someone who can read your eyes like an intense and provocative novel, that ones a keeper.


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