Vicious Cycle

There is one thing that is always growing and expanding and hasn’t seen a stop yet. One might wonder what it is that I’m talking about. I’m referring to the price of the basic cost of living. Most of us who are twenty years old and beyond have watched the steady hike in the cost of living as it becomes abundantly clear that our world is always growing, creating more mouths to feed, more little feet to shoe, and more bodies to dress. We are as a whole, consuming far faster and far more than we were, say about fifty years ago. If we look back even just as far as 1970 compared to more recent, you can see there has definitely been a change in cost of living, wages, basic necessities, etc.


Something that most people may have realized is that there is a valid reason for the hikes in prices. As our population grows, so does the needs of the families and the companies, and the individual farmers. It is related to supply and demand. Take for instance if the average family household were 1 child and 2 parents and the base population was around 200 million, the cost would be less because the population and the basic needs aren’t as high. Take into account that now a days the American population is 300 million and above, the average family is 2-4 children and in a lot of cases 1-2 parents respectively, that raises the cost of living extensively. The average family would go through anywhere from 2 to 3 gallons of milk in a week on average if they have the minimum required milk a day. Where as a smaller family of 1 child and 2 adults would only go through about 1-2 gallons of milk in a week at maximum. The more something is needed, the more it ends up costing because those who produce the item(s) one needs for said family has to do their best to increase their output. This drives up labor costs because it requires more people to get the job done.


Now with that information, I’m not saying that having a family is a bad thing, or that there really is anything that can be done about it. We are born to procreate, and as such, our population is destined to continue to sky rocket. The only problem is that by three generations from now, there will probably be even less for our families to consume. The rate at which we are going through our natural resources is absolutely astounding, in fact it could even be considered mind boggling. I am honestly surprised that we have survived as long as we have, considering how much the average family consumes on a day to day basis.


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