The Right Way To Make A Dig

The title may be a little… Shall we say… Interpreted differently than intended. Now, for most people, the title might mean, “Hey, we’re going to learn how to dig a hole and hide a body!” *que Frozen music for Do You Wanna Hide A Body parody* No. The simple answer is quite clearly NO. You see, even in the Blunt B business, we still have morals towards WHO we make a dig at. One of these rules is knowing who and when to make a dig, and how to do it in such a way that you can’t stop laughing about it afterwards. Those who know me on a more personal basis through chat programs may have misconstrued how I conduct my snarky and vindictively tasteless attacks towards people, and this is to clear some of that up, and to give others some guidance on what is and isn’t acceptable.


1.) You should have prior interaction with said individual, before deciding that they are worth it.

2.) Gather information that would make your dig a good and solid attack, the better the dirt the better the attack!

3.) Make sure you pick your timing right. Making a dig at someone going through a hard time like job loss, loss of a relative, pet, or close friend is not okay.

4.) Ensure that the target is worth it. If they are just semi-annoying, it may very well be that they aren’t the one you’re after. You want someone who has actual dirt like a cheating spouse or someone who doesn’t value family above all else.

5.) Qualities that deserve a dig include but are not limited to : Chronic liars, cheaters, abusers, people who are fake (This falls in with liars but is alternately categorized because fake people can be honest with you but talk bad about their “friends” which means they probably do it to you too), neglectful people (IE : neglecting family/children)

6.) Unacceptable digs consist of : TV personalities (It isn’t their fault the character was written poorly) , people you’ve never actually met before (they cannot fend for themselves, not seeing a reaction from them makes it boring), Politicians (The media makes sure to edit, destroy, and manipulate what all politicians say, using them is just weak)

7.) When making a dig at someone, make sure you have enough dirt to make it good. Also ensure the person you’re making a dig at is present and accounted for. That way it is entertaining for all!


Now this isn’t intended for trolling or being a blatant douchetool, this is for the people, such as myself, who are blunt and honest and tell it how it is. We like to call people out on their bull pucky, and as such, we generally do it where they can see or hear what we have to say because it really needs to be said.


2 thoughts on “The Right Way To Make A Dig

  1. dag nab it! I already “broke” several of the rules here…..I have a confession….I rant against politicians. Yes, yes, I know, I know….it is far beneath me to do so but they are just so “out there’ that it becomes almost a biological NEED to do so…much like eating. So there goes number 1. in my defense, I do pay attention to numbers 2 and 3, and 4 is mandatory….I blow it again at rule 6 and 7 though. I highly doubt any politician even knows that I exist…….nope. There isn’t a decent excuse I can think of….drat! I really really wanted to find a good excuse………

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    • It is okay, I’ve been guilty of breaking one or two of these rules myself, I know. I’m working on it though, because there ought to be a moral code to everything! That might just be my OCD speaking… LOL There is no good excuse for breaking the rules, so we’re both in trouble to an extent xD I know I’ve talked bad about … The president. So I broke rule 1, 6, and 7 all at once in one fell swoop! I promise to do better though!!! hahaha

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