Where Do You Get The Nerve?!

One of my favorite quotes as a person, an adult, a mother, and a wife. Where do you get the nerve?! Honestly, some of the things people say just baffle me and make me laugh so hard at the lack of coherent sense. Thing is, nerve can be “the last straw” or “the final blow” that causes a person to also go full blown mental on you. I would advise trying to stay off that “last nerve” and if you ever hear someone say you’re getting on theirs, run for the hills. Seriously, I’m not remotely joking, getting on someones last nerve can be scary especially if you don’t know just how far you can take it before things get out of hand. Definitely don’t do what I do, because I’m a big giant trouble maker! Haha


One of my favorite things to say, and to do, is talk about that last nerve. I love getting on it, and I also have an obsession with exploding because of it. It is whacky, I know, but it can be so much fun! I’m a boundary pushing type of gal, and one of my major flaws is I enjoy seeing just how long it takes to get on someones last nerve. I mean, if you’re going to be friends with someone, you need to know where to draw the line, right? It’s for the sake of the friendship, you know? That line is like my best friend in the whole wide world though, my friendship with it will never be understood. It is sort of like how a man can’t keep his eyes of the sweet thing that has a waggle to her hips and a jiggle to her…. Well, you know. One of the only times pushing buttons until someone says “You’re getting on my last nerve” is bad is if it is a red head. I should know, I’m a red head and I’m scared of myself when I utter those words. There are many ways of getting to that point with people though, and it can be super easy in some cases. I would advise not doing so if you’re meek, shy, or intolerant of angry people. If you are witty and skilled in the art of the silver tongue, I say go forth and conquer! It is also fun to get on the last nerve of someone who can’t even understand you, by which I mean the intellectually incompetent. 


Then there is the version of “Where do you get the nerve” that is by all accounts a negative aspect. I don’t like this one as much, and tend to steer clear of it as often as possible. Also happens to be why I don’t like talking politics, because no one ever sees eye to eye on it. People also fail to do the research necessary in order to properly argue politics, which is funny because that means they don’t know what they’re talking about. Negative “Where do you get the nerve” has to do with hot button topics like questioning someones religion, slamming someone for the color of their skin, abusively arguing about someones party affiliation and the likes. I don’t like these, and I tend to avoid them at all costs. It always ends unpleasantly, and with little to no way of fixing the problems it causes.


4 thoughts on “Where Do You Get The Nerve?!

  1. Of COURSE you need to find the absolute boundaries in any friendship…the point being not to cross them if you actually like the person. Like you I simply adore getting on people’s last ones in the hope of fireworks and an extremely intelligent snarky comment issuing forth (from MY mouth, not theirs!)

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