How May I Help You?

Something so innocent as help has often been misconstrued as feeling someone isn’t capable of providing for themselves or their family. The fact that people can even feel that way when someone is genuinely just trying to help out of the kindness of their heart goes to show just how dark a world we live in. I have seen families whose head of household was too proud to take anything from a friend who just wanted to help them during a hard time. A helping hand isn’t and shouldn’t be considered a hand out, but merely a hand up during a period in which the family could truly use it. I’ve also myself helped others, though in a less monetary meaning. I may not be rich by the standards of those we all see in the media, but I am very good at giving advice and talking someone through a bad situation. I may not be a genius but I have done my best to help others when they find themselves stuck on homework, school, friendship troubles, or even relationship troubles. We as humans are fountains of endless experiences we have had from birth to the point we are at now, reading this article.


Growing up I wanted to be a grief counselor, helping people with depression and anxiety. I saw so many go through the ups and downs of depression, to which I too was experiencing to drastic extremes. I recall wanting more than anything to help them because seeing others going through what I was feeling made me so angry. No one should have to experience depression, and sure, we have our school councilors, therapists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, etc. They have fancy degrees and are apart of the elite community, but it has always felt so cold, so distanced. It is almost as if they never experienced anxiety or depression, and if they did, they completely forgot just how bad it can be. They go rooting around for a cause to the depression, they try to find something to blame your anxiety on, but sometimes… As was my case, there might not be one or it was too far in the past to be able to recall what started it in the first place. Most clinical professionals try to seek out a root cause of whatever is ailing you so that it can be confronted or fixed, but for me, there wasn’t a root cause and because of that I was left to fend for myself.


Something else that many may be aware of is a lack of self-esteem. It runs rampant across the globe, the feeling of worthlessness as if you aren’t as good or worth the same as another person. There is all kinds of body-positive messages floating around the web intended to help these people, but it does little to truly get to the heart of the problem. Sure being body positive can help to some degree, but a sense of feeling one has no self worth comes from something deeper than just “I’m too thin” or “I’m too fat” as so frequently the problem has been. It comes from the idea, the very basic idea, that they aren’t worth it. It breaks my heart to hear these people talk, because they really don’t understand just how magnificent they are and their potential to be an inspiration to others. I’ve seen people tell those who have low self esteem to “grow up” or to “man up” or other such horrendous phrases. That isn’t going to help them, it is only going to hurt worse. It is no better than kicking a person when they’re already down. You should be ashamed of yourself.


3 thoughts on “How May I Help You?

  1. That’s a beautifully written post.
    Just yesterday, I offered my help to someone, but it was received with a door banged on my face. I guess you can’t really help anyone unless they want to be helped. I guess people just feel that you’re pitying them or you don’t actually understand their situation or you’re being a phoney and such. I guess they can’t really grasp the idea that you sincerely want to help them. Does it come from a lack of self-worth or low self-esteem? I wouldn’t agree with that. It’s pride. They don’t want to bow down to the world and show they are in need of a helping hand.

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