Inspired By A Song

I woke up and was immediately greeted by a song that kept repeating in my own mind. The song being “What is Love – Haddaway” for the life of me I could not get it out of my mind. It got me thinking though, and I’ve been asked many times by young growing and inquiring minds as to “What is Love” on many occasions. Far more than I could count on my hands and feet combined! Now the problem is that there are many forms of love. I wanted to touch base on some of those forms of love and give excerpts from my own thoughts on these types of love and a little of my own background as well. On to the fun, shall we?! By the way, now that I’m wide awake, had my coffee and put the kids down for nap, I’ve not been able to stop playing the song on youtube. Seriously, it has been that kind of day.


The first form of love we ever experience is the simplest and the sweetest type of love, in my humble opinion. You see, when we are born we are thrust into a cold dark world, from which we are sheltered from and kept safe of. This love, bountiful in its amount and never able to be truly imagined of its magnitude, is the love of a mother or father and in lucky cases, both. This love is profound in its capacity, and its unwavering ability to take all the abuse a parents children throw at them. A child will never know any greater love than the love their parents have for them, and no matter how hard one might try, no one could ever potentially come close to exceeding the amount of love a parent is willing to express for their child. I learned this the hard way, but I am so glad I learned it. As they say, better late than never!


The second form of love is the bond you forge with those who are so close to you that you basically adopt them as family without going through that big fussy diplomatic junk of papers stacked so high that it’d give you carpal tunnel just trying to fill it out. This love is also boundless, but can be broken. Our closest of friends are those who we bring into our lives, hold on tight for dear life, and hope to the stars above that we never ever lose them. Sadly, with time and distance, even the greatest of friendships can end. I had such a friend when I was just a little kid, we were inseparable, to the point that my mom knew if I was on my way home there was usually company coming with me. She was like an adopted little sister that I wanted to keep with me forever and always. Gosh typing that made me think of Elmyra and a squirrel from Looney Toons.. 

“I’ll take you home and lock you in a nice little cage, and never never ever let you out, except to pet you…” (kisses the squirrel) “…and love you…” (kisses the squirrel again) “…and hug you…” (kisses the squirrel) “…and squeeze you all up!” (She hugs the squirrel, who by this point is losing his breath) “Won’t that be fun?”


Scarily… There is love that can be dangerous. It is a self-damaging kind of love. Astounding, isn’t it? Who would have thought that such a word like love could have a negative connotation?! There is, sadly. This kind of love can manifest as obsessive and very dangerous. The love of which I speak is that of poor or negative self-esteemed individuals… These people feel they are worth so little and this love can also be characterized by hidden mental disorders. I remember when I was in highschool there was a guy who thought he was so in love with me that he would stalk me around campus. Though he never actually did anything to hurt me, it certainly did freak me out. Don’t get me wrong, most people who have poor or negative self-esteem aren’t all “crazy” they just need to get better in touch with themselves and realize their true potential. I think once they manage to do that, they’ll be able to find the greatest love this world has to offer.


Last but not least, the most amazing love I have come to know, thanks to my husband who I have been with for over 4 years now. The love of making your own family, having children, being with someone who supports and appreciates you and your ideas, and sometimes you even get to have pets! You see, this love takes part of the style that your love from your parents have for you and turns it into its own. Real passionate love between two adults is astounding. Honestly there is only one other person in my life who ever made me really feel this loved and that would be my mom and in more of a parent to child kind of relationship. The unyielding loyalty and love two adults can share is phenomenal, it is persistent, kind, protective, and so many other things that cannot be expressed in words. I honestly never thought I would find true ever lasting love, and even though I am young, I know I have it with my husband. When you find it, you’ll know it and I hope you never let it go.


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