10 Followers Q&A

As promised, here is my post for the Q&A asked by followers, readers, and fellow bloggers. I mainly wanted to do this in thanks to everyone for being so awesome and enjoying my blog!



Question1: What are the qualities you look for in a friend?

Answer: Well, for a person to be my friend they have to be smart. I don’t just mean book smart, or forever growing knowledge smart, they have to be experience smart. We as a whole are on this earth to have experiences unique and special to us all. I love finding new people who share similar experiences and even completely different experiences because it sheds light on things I may not have even thought about. A friendship is basically a symbiotic relationship, the healthiest relationships being mutualism. Another quality would be one that you are all too fluent in, dear, and that is comedy. I love to laugh, and that is key really to a good friendship. If two friends can’t make each other laugh, I don’t really see it lasting long.

Question 2: What is your “impossible dream” for your life?

My impossible dream would be that I wanted to be an author, still do to this day. I have always loved to write, be it short stories, horror, childrens stories, or even poetry. One of the things that really drove me to start my blog, honestly!

Question 3: Where do you live and what is it that you want to change, and would NEVER change about it?

Well, I live in Kentucky USA. The main thing that irks me that I would want to change is that people here can be very narrow minded. In expansion of that, many people here are of religious affiliation and have some weird belief that only people who follow God can have morals and a set guide line for how to be a good person. I don’t like that, being as I am an atheist myself. Constantly being told I’m “going to hell” for not believing in God really can be offensive and does more to damage my ideology of religious people as a whole than build my view of them up. The thing I wouldn’t change though is the willingness to help others in need. I’ve seen some amazing ways that people have really stepped up and helped out people. Example being when my youngest daughter was born, we had to leave our daughter at the hospital after I was discharged because she hadn’t developed the film on the inside of her lungs and was stuck on a C-PAP machine to help her breathe. The company my husband works for actually offered us to stay at the Ronald McDonald Housing, as well as free diapers, wipes, and coupons for the hospital cafeteria. They also offered to let my husband take time off work just so that we could be there more during the hard time we were going through as a family. They really stepped up and did so much for us, it was astounding.


5 thoughts on “10 Followers Q&A

  1. well..let me think about that for a second….I already “knew” you had a lovely and warped sense of humor, that you were a fierce competitor (aka games we play), a loving mom and fierce defendant of all things home and hearth……I didn’t know you had such a hard time with the baby………I went through similar experience with my youngest. I have seen so many parallels between us since reading your blogs. I knew there were a few, thus the mini-me comments aes ago. I just never realized how very much alike we are and how many of the same “types’ of experiences we share. too much info? lol

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    • Yea, I went through a lot of turmoil with Celeste, but we had a lot of love and support throughout the ordeal. Just goes to show, your friends show their true colors when you’re going through a heart breaking ordeal. I am glad we met, because I know I’m not alone in what I’ve managed to make it through.

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