Feelin’ A Little Crazy!

Okay, so I am running on fumes, filled to the brim with coffee, and have had absolutely 0 sleep in the past 24 hours. I woke up yesterday morning at approximately 7am, and have been ripping and rolling since! What made crazy blogger chick not sleep? It all started with a harmless text from the husband around 12:30am, shortly after I had been startled by our youngest daughter waking up crying, only to fall back to sleep. I had last sent him a text saying we were out of trash bags, and the rest… Well, you just read on from here and giggle where necessary.


(12:36am)Husband: Okey dokey artichokey.

(12:37am)CrazyWife: I love you.

(12:37am)Husband: Oh noes… can’t sleep?

(12:38am)CrazyWife: Celeste woke up again… But soon cried herself to sleep.

(12:42am)Husband: Poor baby…well you can start laundry if ya want haha

(12:42am)CrazyWife: I’ll check and see if the washer is open I guess.

(1:13am) Your laundry is in the washer closest to the managers office door, the kids clothes and 2 towels are in the second washer.

All that is left is my clothes – but what’s important is getting your stuff washed and the kids stuff.

Well, and like 5 towels and a hand towel or two.

(2:10am) Laundry is in the dries next to the folding shelves.

(2:34am)Husband: I was joking

(2:39am) Why would you be doing laundry and not sleeping???


I’d left my phone on the charger, but had gone to check on the babies again, had heard the little one fussing. Due to my lack of a response my husband had then called and asked what in the world I was thinking and I honestly didn’t have a response! So here I sit, the kids napping, I just finished making the husband lunch for work. I am so wide awake from all the coffee I have been drinking that I couldn’t possibly imagine even taking a nap! I apologize to everyone but I might be posting incoherent ramblings today, and a lot of them. 


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