I was thinking of a way to celebrate the awesome amazingness of having reached 10 followers, my friend Suze and I excluded from that number because she helped me with finding where to blog and giving me tips and tricks on how to explore my WP World. The best thing I could think of was… A way to thank all the people who have been kind enough to follow me, or read my blog!


Okay, the way I want to go about this is kind of like 20 questions, but instead of 20, you can ask me a maximum of 3 questions, per question poster. I will then make a blog post with a linkback leading to your blog followed by the questions you asked and my answers. Once I have enough questions, I will then post them on my home page below my “About Me” section since technically these are asked about me. I will also have a linkback through my about me, as a special way of trying to spread the word about your blog as thanks for being so awesome and reading mine.


The way it will look is something like this (Sorry, Suze, I’m abusing you for a moment)


Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:



There is no limit on what your question can be about, be it me personally, my thoughts on something, or something I’ve endured in life, etc. So have fun and have at it! 😀 


6 thoughts on “Horray!

  1. Question1: What are the qualities you for for in a friend? Question 2: What is your “impossible dream” for your life? Question 3: Where do you live and what is it that you want to change, and would NEVER change about it?

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