I Am Not!

There is one thing that has been driving me insane as of late, and that would be feminism. Feminism is nothing what it used to be. The reason Feminism was originally even brought into fruition was because women essentially no voice, limited to no rights, and couldn’t even have any say in politics. (IE: The right to vote) Now a days, women have many rights, we as women are seen as equal to men in many ways. The only time I really see a female squashed for what they do or say is when dealing with select individuals who don’t have any interest in what the woman has to say. It is no longer a nation wide problem, but a issue of the quality of what the woman has to say. Heck, we have a woman who has an astoundingly horrid past and present history running for the presidential nominee. What more could women want?!


There is a fault in todays Feminism though. There are some women who even go so far as to cast off men and try to treat the with as much disdain as women once were. This new wave of feminism is filled with misandry to the point where men have become afraid of the feminist movement. The point behind feminism was never to ostracize men, but to help women and promote awareness of societies short comings in respect to how women were treated. Feminism is not needed in our day and age. Women have the right to do just as much as men. We can earn the same degrees, earn the same pay, we can vote, we can run for office. One thing a man can do that a woman can’t? Walk around with no top of. Why? It is indecent exposure.


People often wonder why I reject feminism and honestly, if you look at what these feminists promote.. Had any idea the kind of person I am, you’ll see it is a complete and absolute clash of ideas. I am an individual for equality, on all spectrums. Feminism has been used as a way to hurt our society by hiring women who aren’t fit for the job. Feminism is doing women absolutely no favors anymore. It is high time it was shut down.



10 thoughts on “I Am Not!

  1. As a man I agree with most of what you say, but here in Britain sexual discrimination was outlawed in 1975. This didn’t mean that it disappeared overnight, but de-industrialisation has killed off most of the male traditional ‘breadwinner’ roles in working-class communities. Concomitant with this and with the economic disparities brought about by Margaret Thatcher’s 11 years as Prime Minister, women from middle-class backgrounds have witnessed their economic opportunities increase.

    The result is a society polarised between the well-paid dual-income professional middle-classes and the plebs. Most feminists who whinge about so-called ‘male privilege’ themselves come from privileged backgrounds, Emma Watson, Laurie Penny etc. This isn’t a new phenomenon though; as an undergraduate student in the late 1980’s (‘Thatcher’s Britain’) every feminist I had the displeasure of meeting came from a wealthier background than I do, but I was their ‘oppressor’ of course.

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    • I am very sad to hear that you’ve had the great displeasure of being surrounded by these bad examples, and I can only imagine the great annoyance you experienced being perpetrated as a source of their anguish. This outlandish need to attack men needs to be put to an end, it has come to the point where women can do and or say that a man has done something without having actually done anything and end up in dire straights because of the accuser. What frustrates me the most about this movement masquerading as equality is that they do so much harm to the true ideology of true equality that people are going to eventually stop bothering to fight for true equal rights and equal representation of the genders.


      • It was and is nothing that I can’t cope with 🙂 Feminism has always been about economic advancement for women, rather than about equality per se. When women were discriminated against – as they still are in non-Western countries and non-integrated communities of similar background in the West – then fair enough. But ‘patriarchial oppression’ in secular Western societies with universal adult suffrage is nonsense.

        When feminists talk about ‘equality’ you never hear them complaining that there aren’t enough female plumbers or electricians, let alone street cleaners or refuse collectors; what feminists want are more women in positions of corporate, financial or political power. They want ‘equality’ at the elite level, not the ordinary level, which the vast majority of us inhabit.

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        • The funny thing is women could attain those elite status positions of they 2nd the right ideals, studied the right subjects and got degrees in things of substance. You get the degrees, put in the time, build the right ideals that work for what you want, and you can become anything you want. As exampled in the story of the woman firefighter who failed her tests multiple times and get still became a firefighter… That is what the new women’s equality movement strives for.

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            • Precisely my point. If a woman wants a position in a ‘STEM’ field, they should study, graduate, and achieve the required prerequisites needed to obtain the job they want. Nothing is intended to be merely “handed out”, no one is truly born with a silver spoon in their hand. Even those of wealth and financial power would have to go to school of some sort in order to get the degrees needed to get said ‘STEM’ field job.

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