An Excerpt

 I am sorry but you won’t be able to live here until the full crime scene has been evaluated. We will do our best to clean up. I am so sorry for what has happened here. The perpetrator appears to have came in through the back door, Miss. Gillis, they broke the window on the door to get in. ” Sheriff Calun paused, reaching for the words to describe the horror’s he had seen then thought better of it, “ It is best you don’t know how it happened, Miss. Gillis. Just know that I will have every man on the job to find out who did this to Ray. He was a pillar of our community and I won’t rest until we have that bastard in custody. ” 


Amelia lost a part of herself that day, a part so deeply connected that she couldn’t just abide by what the Sheriff had instructed. Shortly before her sister had arrived to take her away, she’d snuck into the house after Calun and his men had departed, on the prowl for whoever had done this injustice to her and destroyed her life. What Amelia had found was terrible. Right inside the back door entrance, hidden by the open pantry door, lay her now late husband. Ray had been shot, multiple times, all throughout the chest and face. As if to add insult to injury, there appeared to be many bodily blows from something blunt and large as his face was caved in. Even through all the damage that had been done, she knew it was her husband. He was the only man she had ever loved, and had been bringing into this world a child with him. Now, that was over. The pain she felt was tremendous. She grabbed a photo of herself and her husband, quickly running from their home they had shared for so long. 


She knew the Sheriff had probably talked with his office and had them call her sister to come get her. As she waited, she walked out to the cliff edge that looked down onto the abandoned beach. Standing above the water, gazing down into the ravine, she knew it was time. With her arm wrapped around her bundle, she didn’t even know what it was yet. Though Amelia could not bare the news. She closed her eyes, the soft breeze bringing the spray of the salty ocean up the cliff face, the watery mist mixing with her tears. She stood there, quietly listening to the waves crashing along the sad below, letting the tears finally flow free. Suddenly a warm hand came to rest upon her shoulder, a gentle yet firm grip, slowly turning her around and pulling her from the edge of the cliff. Amelia’s sister had finally arrived, and she knew now that, though nothing would be the same, she would at least have help with the challenges ahead. She buried her face into Ella’s shoulder, sobbing now as she felt the burden of a mighty weight lifted from her own. Through choked sobs, Amelia managed to inform her sister of what she had been told by the police.


10 thoughts on “An Excerpt

    • It is a story I started writing back when I first moved to Kentucky, but never really managed to finish writing. The hard copy was destroyed so most of it is all trapped inside my noggin. I’m glad it was captivating though!

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  1. Wow! I was like “Oh! That is a crime of passion! Was he cheating on his wife and the other woman’s husband killed him?” Then I was like “Oh no! Don’t jump!” And then I was like “No! Wait! Who killed him?”
    Great story! Wish I knew the end though! Cruel and unusual punishment. 🙂

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