A Challenge Has Been Issued!

That is right, you read correctly. I am issuing a challenge all across the world Blogging Community. Also, I love the gif, Gregory House is amazing! Anywho, I issue a challenge to all bloggers, not just people who read my blog but all across the blogosphere. This isn’t specific for the world of WordPress, but all of the entire interwebs even! What is the challenge? I know, I’m drawing this out, aren’t I? I’m such a turd like that.


For 5 days, starting Monday, the 28th of March, 2016, and ending Friday, the 1st of April 2016, I challenge the whole internet world to post one thing that makes you smile till your face has just become nothing but lips and teeth. Something that makes your day amazing. I don’t mean just any old thing like “I’m thankful we have grass and trees because they produce the oxygen needed in order to survive.” I mean really in depth stuff. I want you to post things that you’re thankful for that bring the most radiant smile from the very depth of your soul. Something that affects your every day life in a positive way that gives you reason to smile. 


1.) Post from the heart.

2.) Use format : Smile Challenge Day 1 ; Smile Challenge Day 2 ; Smile Challenge Day 3 ; I think you get the idea.

3.) Share your blog across as many platforms as you possibly can, get your family and friends to share it, because what gives YOU reason to smile your biggest today might bring a smile on the face of a new reader tomorrow.

4.) Minimum of 100 words – yup, it is THAT kind of challenge.

5.) Most important part of the challenge! PAY ATTENTION!!! Have fun y’all 😀 


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