Is It Frivolous?

I have honestly been sitting here thinking for hours as to what one could write about the word frivolous and I’ve been hitting a dead end. I know the word and how to use it in a sentence, I have many times in the past. Writing a blog about it though? That … Sounds so frivolous in and of itself! What would the real point behind writing about the word frivolous be? It honestly has me confused, baffled, and wondering what exactly the blog community has to say. I’ve perused the gallery of frivolous content, and the basic unanimous theme is that no one is frivolous! Though it seems some have forgotten the basis of the word frivolous in context of referring to an individual, not their money or frivolous endeavors.

Prime example being I can be very carefree and not serious, I do it all the time. I make a fool of myself just for the sheer entertainment value because I love making people laugh. As a personal descriptor for ones character, not what they do with monetary wealth, I am among the most frivolous people I know. I have a very nice comfortable life, and it allows me to be characteristically frivolous. Some synonyms for frivolous in which can be used as a descriptor for an individuals character are silly, giddy, foolish, and thoughtless. This is only a small collective of words that are characteristics that can be applied to a person. They all fit me quite well, in fact. I’m blunt to the point I can appear thoughtless. I love being a giddy silly fool, because it makes others around me laugh. It brings in a sense of carefree whimsy. Doesn’t make it a bad thing, its fun to enjoy life you know? Too much seriousness and it gets so boring. Nobody likes boring, that is when you run for the hills!


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