Smile Challenge Day 1

All right, time for me to get this ball rolling. Smile Challenge Day 1


So I was feeling very exhausted, to the point that I had fallen asleep shortly after issuing my challenge to the internet world. What I awoke to is what really brought a smile to my face. My husband had brought my eldest into the room to “help wake up mommy” so that Dad Man could get ready for work and proceed on to do the labors of which allow me to stay home with our children. He asked me, “Do you hear that?” I listened then shook my head and inquired what he was talking about. He laughed and said, “That, did you hear? She is calling for you.” and he was right, our youngest who was still in her crib was calling out Mommy clear as day. She wasn’t saying MaMa, as so often she does. She was literally crying out Mommy. It was the sweetest sound to my ears. I lifted myself out of my bed and away from the blankets, went into the kids’ room and sure enough, Celeste was standing in her bed waiting to see me. The moment I walked in the door she started screaming Mommy faster and in such a high pitched voice, she was trying her best to climb right on out of her bed just to greet me. That my fellow bloggers, is what put a huge smile on my face. The absolute love and adoration my children have for me, even though we sometimes have rough mornings like we did today, that warms my heart. I love my little family, and I hope you love yours as well.


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