Are You Hidden?

Many people have themselves hidden away from the rest of the worlds view. They conceal their true identity from those around them in many different ways. There are those who keep their negativity out of sight, or the bad that happens throughout their day, be it a confrontation with their significant other or how bad their children may have been that day. Others hide the struggle they deal with, like battling with depression or dealing with a boss that doesn’t know what they’re even doing. These people put up with a lot of strain and stress in their day to day lives because they’re constantly concealing negativity from those around them and not getting it out of their systems. They harbor this until it comes to the point that it either damages their self-esteem because they feel they can’t advance due to the struggle they’re facing, or they explode because they merely can’t hold it in anymore.


Most who conceal themselves in such a fashion aren’t doing it to be nice, or out of necessity, they hide these parts of themselves because they don’t want others to view them negatively. If someone showed their true nature to be an angry albeit kind individual, everyone would assume there was something wrong with them and they need help. Perhaps they know they need help but are unsure of how to obtain such. Or people who have a spat with their partner who don’t involve others, they do so because there is no need to drag others into the situation especially since there is no way for them to hear the opposing side and give an accurate and unbiased opinion on the matter. Hiding depression is done out of a need to not have others pity them in most cases, because more than likely they grew up dealing with people saying the same thing over and over. Usually discussing with ones boss how much of an idiot they are can result in termination, even if it is talked over with fellow employees. We all know there is always that one gossip snitch that will rat you out! As a parent, I know my kids have their good and bad days, but broadcasting it, when it isn’t at all a learning or comical experience.. It seems inconsequential. 


In all actuality, I think everyone is guilty of concealing some aspect of their life from those around them. Some of it can be healthy, some of it can be down right disastrous and dangerous to ones own mental health. It boils down to figuring out which is which, really.


6 thoughts on “Are You Hidden?

  1. Very insightful post. I’ve been thinking of writing about this subject myself. You’ve given me even more to think about. I think it DOES matter if a person hides something from their spouse. It really depends on what the something is though.

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    • It is very important for one to know the difference between something they should and shouldn’t hide from ones spouse. Like if it is something menial, such as you’re aggravated by something that cannot be changed like you read an article about someone doing something dumb, that isn’t something that is necessarily pertinent to the relationship. However if you’re upset about something your spouse does (or in some cases, doesn’t do), it is important you let them know or else they’ll continue doing (or not doing it) and think everything is fine. Eventually the irritation becomes anger, and the anger can in some drastic cases turn into a full blown fight. To the spouse, they will see it as trivial, especially if you’ve not stressed your irritation prior.

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