Smile Challenge Day 3

Todays Smile Challenge was fulfilled much earlier than I had the time to write this, but trust me, it was adorable.

This morning, amidst the chaos, my youngest daughter was running around. She kept taking her shirt straps off and wearing her shirt around her waist like a skirt. It got to the point where I had taken the slack of the straps on her shirt and hooked my index finger through to keep it fitted properly, and immediately before I could attach a hair clip to keep it properly fitted, she had started giggling and toddling about back and forth. She dragged me around through the kitchen to the living room and back into the kitchen, giggling like a little baby maniac. I couldn’t help but laugh as she kept toddling back and forth, dragging me with her as she went. She finally stopped running around and having me practically fall on my face only to grab on my pant leg. When I knelt down to get face to face with her, she grinned her big giant dimpled smile and gave me a big slobbery wet kiss right on the lips. My kids really make life better.


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