We All Need One

Something many lack the confidence to do is to use their voice. Many feel that asserting themselves, or speaking out turns them into a pariah. Many within the United States, I’ve personally observed having lived in 4 different states, that people fear speaking against others due to the potential of starting a conflict that will result in no resolution. What I find most important about being able to speak is having a voice of reason, of reconciliation, and most importantly, being able to use my voice to speak out against those who would otherwise try to stifle the abilities of another individual. I tire of people being pushed down or told they aren’t good enough. It happens to children, teens, and even adults by adults. It is disappointing to me that people would continuously perpetuate a culture where people feel they cannot accomplish anything. If we put our minds to it, if we try our hardest, we all can achieve great things. It may take time, diligence, and dedication, but we can do whatever we put our minds to.


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