I Feel So Amazing!

Okay, I barely managed to get to sleep at a moderately almost decent time, but amazingly enough with the work of some magnificent magical powers of the universe, I woke up feeling energized. It was as if someone had taken a battered up used computer, installed a brand new operating system and hit refresh. I cannot even fathom the last time I felt like this, and it feels amazing. The crisp smell of rain outside seems to have energized the people around me, I’ve been seeing people coming out of their homes looking quite refreshed as well. It is lovely, seeing such a change in my neighbors from their drab normal behavior. It seems to be very rare to see people in such a awake state, but I am glad I got to today.There must be something magical about today, because even the animals seem to be out and having fun, chasing each other around the tree.


I can’t really think of anything else to write on this topic, but I hope everyone else is having a lovely day too. It is absolutely lovely.


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