Smile Challenge Day 5

Today concludes the Smile Challenge, but it was fun! I am hoping to do another in the future. Now on to what made me Smile today.


I actually wasn’t anticipating smiling a whole lot today, I had been writing a rough draft of the story I have had in my head for years and I lost about 4 nights worth of progress. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, the power flickered, then dropped completely from my computer and my entire draft was gone. I sat here for a while, trying to search for some kind of way to retrieve it but I’d been a dunder head and not saved my progress, so all of it is gone. While I was sitting here though, I started thinking about when I was a kid and I would sit by my mom as she played an online video game, then I started thinking of when I used to walk with her to her work. Once there, I would go get her her favorite coffee from down the way and bring it to her. We would sit outside her work on her breaks and drink frozen coffee and smoke cigarettes and just talk and laugh the whole time. Some mornings the cafeteria would bring me something to eat, I really liked her biscuits and gravy. I usually either sat beside or stood behind my mom, just like so often after she would get off work when she would relax and talk to some friends on the computer or play bejeweled blitz. Although I was mildly obnoxious and would point out moves, regardless if she had already seen them or not. Thinking back on these times brought a smile to my face, because though they are long gone, I hope one day to have a good relationship with my own girls. 


So that concludes my Smile Challenge week. 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading.


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