Something Sundry

There is something that many across the world are dealing with. In the streets, at parties, and even at times in places that one considers safe like their own home. It has become an epidemic of grand proportions that no one wants to talk about and doesn’t get reported as frequently as it should. It affects not just the lives of women but the lives of men too. The problem is rape. It is all around us, happening all the time. Be it incestuous rape, or even random date rape where one is at a party or a bar and has something slipped into their drink. The problem isn’t teaching people that rape is wrong, we teach people at an early age that killing is wrong and yet it still happens. We teach our children not to fight, and yet innocent kids get beat up daily. The media perpetuates that rape is something that can be stopped simply by telling boys and girls that it is wrong and that it shouldn’t be done, yet we’ve been teaching this for ages. In some cases, the victim is made to seem like they’re at fault when they weren’t doing anything wrong. This mentality is what stops rape from being reported, and the feeling of shame.


There is no true way to stop rape from happening. Just as murder is illegal in the United States, yet we have more dangerous cities in the top 50 than most nations. Brazil has the most dangerous murder rates across the entire world, according to statistics, but the United States isn’t too far behind with 4 cities listed in the top 50. Taking into account that there is such a wide and seemingly intense amount of murder, and the fact that it is taught at an early age that murder is wrong, one can only conclude that by telling our children rape is wrong doesn’t necessary mean our children won’t fall victim to rape, or be rapists. A problem many parents of young children face is the ever pondering question, “Is there a way to stop my child from being a victim?” The answer? No, you can only do your best to prepare them for if the situation should arise. We can teach them self-defense, how to use a knife, how to find the right nerves to push to end an assault, or in some drastic cases, how to use a gun. A quick punch to the solar-plexus can be effective as a defensive maneuver, and could potentially save your life. 


I personally am planning on teaching my children self-defense techniques alongside my husband, including but not limited to the proper use of a punch blade and where to hide it so it is easily accessible should it be necessary. Proper handling of and care for a gun for when they’re older and on their own so they can be properly defended. Different styles of pressure point blows and stun attacks to disable a potential attacker so they can get to safety and call 911. This is a real issue with real consequences, and as parents, our duty is to teach our children to not be victims but survivors as well as teach our children the common decency that all human beings ought to be granted. Don’t think that just because your child is a boy that they can’t fall victim to rape, because even men have been raped. We live in a big dangerous world where both good and bad things happen every day. We need to stop perpetuating victimization and start raising children who can fend for themselves when we can’t be there to watch over them.


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