Picture Perfect

I prefer to think of myself as a person of clarity. I present myself in such a way that people who know me know exactly what I mean, how I intend myself, and more often than not, that is the reason I don’t have too many people within my social circle. I’d much rather be clear as crystal, as see through as glass, and at the highest resolution possible. I am 100% all my own self. If I compliment someone, I mean it and if I say something negative, trust me I’m not joking around. I know, I sound so cynical but I have found that the road to happiness isn’t built around falsehoods. For someone in their mid twenties, I have had my share of being lied to, be it little white lies or life destroying lies. So instead of using either, I prefer clarity. It removes the option of being misinterpreted and leaves others with a real sense of who you are. Take for instance if someone asked me how they looked in an outfit. If I think it looks horrid, or even take away from the features that make them unique, I let them know. A real friend doesn’t let another go around wearing a toilet cover sheet at a party, just the same as a real friend wouldn’t let another wear something high toned when they have a pale or overly dark complexion. Lightly tanned, yes but never on opposite sides of the spectrum. Same goes for if someone has an opinion on something, I’m not afraid to talk it out and if they have good reason to have their view on something, I’m not ashamed to admit that I may be wrong in my perspective. A recent example being someone brought up transgenders using restrooms that they identify with. While this is a good idea, I have met people who have seen the adverse side to this idea. Schools in California have been allowing trasngenders to use the restroom with which they identify with for some time, and a girl had gone to the restroom during her lunch and was followed by a peeping tom who was using the guise of being transgender. She got expelled after bringing the incident to the attention of the school and later her parents. She was expelled and her parents informed she was a bigot. Yes, the school went about it the wrong way, but at the same time, can we really make sure such incidents don’t happen world wide? Then a good idea came of it. Something that made me change my mind about removing the option, that would be inclusive of all individuals. Instead of open stalls and such, have restrooms with a large unisex washroom, and off from said washroom would be a dozen or so individually closed off bathrooms with their own locking door. That would remove the chance of peeping toms or peeping patties, it would allow anyone of any gender to use that designated restroom facility, and I personally believe that could be the answer to all our problems in respect to transgenders not being able to use the restroom with which they identify. I may have clarity in perspective, but it doesn’t mean I’m unwilling to see another way that things can be done. Just as water ripples and changes from one location to another, ones views can be altered through persuasive ideologies if presented in a logical and functional manner.


4 thoughts on “Picture Perfect

  1. and your ability to LISTEN, to see the other side of an argument, connect with the person you disagree with on a human level instead of an adversarial one, is one of the biggest reasons why I admire you so very much!

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    • Well really, isn’t that what a debate is supposed to be? It isn’t intended to be volatile or disruptive to learning, it is intended to be able to give an alternate look at another persons perspective. If I find no flaw in looking at their perspective from their view and can even interject myself in such a scenario and see no causation for frustration, I feel it is worthy of my personal perspective to be altered.

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