As We Walk

Here we go again

Marching down the street

We follow our own path

As we move with silent feet

We make our way

And it seems as though

With every step we take

We never reach our goals

But it’s okay

Because we’re marching to a beat


Our steps in tandem 

And we forge our own path

I’ll hold your hand

If you’ll hold mine

For you’re all I need

All I need to know

You’re the owner of my heart

And the treasurer of my soul

So take my hand

As we forge on through

We will walk together

Through the perilous world

Because I’m yours forever

Don’t want it any other way



Not entirely when or how I came up with this but… It honestly has been playing in my head the past few days as a song, but I feel it is best as a poem. My mind works weird like that. This poem/song is to my husband, he has been the light filtering into my eternal dark dread filled hole in the ground. I’m usually not a big poetry writer anymore, not since I was a kid but I had to write this before it drove me absolutely batty. I kept googling the lines, thinking I was copy writing someone, surely, but apparently not. As to the way it sounds in my head, I’m pretty sure I’m just putting words to the background of a song I’ve heard.


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