A Little Difficult

Life was always hard

It was always impossible to manage

But then a magical thing happened

I met you


You made my heart complete

My life before you was so difficult

Then something amazing occurred

I met you


Life is a fickle mistress

She is so tricky and so messy

Sometimes something wonderful happens

Like when I met you


You helped me fix my soul

Saw the light from within the darkness

Gave me sight when I was blind

Just because I met you



Yet another random song that popped into my head when looking at todays “Daily Prompt”. So strange that a poem/song would be prompted by the daily prompt but hey, hope you all like it. 🙂 Once again dedicated to my husband, who truly is the light shining into a darkened tunnel and becoming brighter with every passing day. I am ever so thankful for my husband.

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