So Silly

I’ve always viewed those who upheld the beliefs of superstition as a little odd. I guess everyone has their own reasons, maybe because of their upbringing, but I’ve never really been all that superstitious myself. I’ve heard plenty as I grew up like “Step on a crack, break your fathers back.” followed up by the “Step on a line, break your mothers spine.” but I really never held any stock in this. Not to mention “Break a mirror and you’ll have seven years bad luck.” It all just sounded so… Silly. I can’t remember how it went but there was some superstition about crossing a black cats path, which for me as a child was nearly impossible since I personally owned a black cat named Harley. I figured since nothing really ever came of any of these superstitious nonsense, there wasn’t a need for me to really worry about them. Considering I’d broken several mirrors, stepped on more cracks and lines than I could imagine counting, and owned a black cat so crossing his path was literally impossible, oh and walked under scaffolds and ladders as well… It doesn’t make any real logic in my eyes as to why one would hold these superstitions in such high regard as to alter their lives just to appease the weird things that “could” happen. 


I’d like to hear from some who read my blog about some of their superstitions and why they follow them, if there are any. Please, do indulge me in my inquiry, I’d enjoy the alternate view.


3 thoughts on “So Silly

  1. i don’t think I have any superstitions. I don’t walk under a scaffold cause paint drips down every time I do…never could get paint out of my clothing. I tend not to walk under ladders as I hit my head on the side props…….that hurts. Don’t mind friday 13th, and don’t worry about black cats………I have a black cat around here somewhere……..I honestly think that people who believe in any superstition have to be illiterate at best and stupid at worst.

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