Beauty Standards



This world disappoints me to no end. People go around saying negative things about super thin women, “average” thin women, “average” women, slightly overweight women, overweight women and obese women. The problem with the two contrasts (thin vs overweight/obese) is they shame one another to no end. Society promotes a standard of beauty to which most cannot attain, with their photo shops and women with eating disorders. There are dark sides to both spectrums, which can easily be found with a simple Google search. The main problem I personally have faced the majority of my life is being called a stick, a twig, being told I would be blown away by a simple gust of wind. My own mother faced persecution due to my exceedingly thin size, claims being made that she didn’t feed me well enough and the likes. The issue with these claims is they based it off seeing me – not in my home environment, but in school and soon after I was taken from my mother and amidst a battle for custody of which my mother won, they came to realize over 2 years of being removed from her care that I did indeed eat. I ate so much that I am surprised we didn’t go homeless for all the money she spent trying to ensure I wasn’t ever hungry. She always had the best food she could afford for me, from fresh fruits to vegetables and grains, always plenty of milk and meats to keep me as healthy as possible.


You see, I was born with an exceedingly fast metabolism.


Sure to everyone else in the world who isn’t “stick thin” might be envious and in fact down right rude because of my genetics, but it comes with its own health problems. I have naturally high blood sugar because my digestive tract eats up food faster than my body can process the nutrients. I also suffer from anemia and have moments of poor blood circulation that cause me to black out. I also tend to black out if I don’t eat frequently enough, and my appetite is down right unstoppable. Is it my fault? Should I be shamed for being genetically different? I was underweight up until I had my third child, which is when I finally came to a healthier weight and healthier physique. I was always able to see my ribs through my skin almost as one would on an emaciated child in a third world country. Now I am finally happy with my body, my physique, and my health has bloomed since. When I first met my husband, he asked me to describe myself and I recall having said that I was nothing more than 100lbs of scrap, because I had grown up being treated like dirt for my naturally slender build.


Sure I believe that we should all strive to be as healthy as possible, we should do our best to exercise and eat within the needs of our body. Stress eating ought to be curbed as best as one can, find something to fill the void and depression. Some can manage this and others cannot. It doesn’t mean we are right to shame others just because they don’t fit their standard of beauty. Body shaming leads to depression which sometimes even results in suicide because they hate themselves so much. Why not instead of putting each other down, we try to promote each other and guide one another to healthier options, give distractions where they are needed, and help ourselves by being informed about health risks and things that can help us. There are some products out in the world targeted towards super thin women to help them attain a healthier body, where as there are millions of things out on the market targeted towards women trying to lose weight. Do so carefully and take your time. Weight gain and weight loss at a fast rate can be dangerous too, and no one wants a reason to be in the hospital.


2 thoughts on “Beauty Standards

  1. Bravo! I am so sick and tired of people making negative judgements about others because of their weight! It’s degrading, debasing and a direct cause of some of the ongoing mental health problems women face…depression, anorexia, obsessive-compulsive are all related to a person’s self esteem.

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