Such Envy


I live a life that has led to many being envious of me, and as the saying often goes, those who are so vehemently envious are dubbed Green with Envy. In fact, often enough, I find myself the object of many individuals jealousy over very basic things. I am widely known through channels as being very openly opinionated. I am not afraid to speak my mind with clarity and be honest with others. It is something very few can seem to manage, either by construct of their own growing up or because they are meek. The golden rule of If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all is not one that I adhere to, because I am a firm believer that the truth, no matter how bitter it may be to choke down, must be told. I also have been envied for carrying myself with confidence as I walk. I look straight ahead, never looking down unless the sun is shinning too brightly in my eyes and even then I rarely glance low enough for my gaze to meet the ground. Often I find that when people cannot hold their gaze and body with confidence, it is because something troubles them and they aren’t sure how to express themselves. One thing that I find most funny is that those without confidence in themselves, be it intelligence, physique, or even basic interaction skills with people tend to always look down at the ground when walking. They complain often about their lack of confidence in means of forging a lasting and meaningful relationship, having quality friends with whom to speak with, or being open about themselves with others. To them, I am a symbol of everything they desire to be and yet they also tend to loath me. These people I refer to as Green because they want what they know not how to acquire. I may seem collected, together, and even worthy of being jealous of, but even I have my own short comings. For one to have confidence, they must first learn to grow confidence. Walk with confidence, speak with authority, become learned of what your passions are. It doesn’t happen over night, but even the most timid of individual can exude confidence if given the right deportment. If you find yourself envious of another, realize what it is about them that makes you desirous. You don’t have to simply want to be like them, make it your own and take hold of your life. There isn’t need for envy, for you make who you are. You can always better yourself for your own happiness. It may take time, but it will be most worth while.


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