Where Did It Go?!

I’ve often found myself looking around in absolute frustration, completely fed-up with myself, as I look in vain for yet another item or perhaps the same item I misplaced not even half an hour ago. You see, my brain tends to work at a rapid pace meanwhile my hands and the rest of me go slow enough that in comparison to my brain, they can be slow as a snail. The really irksome part is when I misplaced my phone after I had just found it to make an important call. I often find myself with my face in my hands going, “Dangit, what the heck?! Where did it go?!” because I know I just had it, but I cannot remember for the life of me where! I’ve even had the kids help me look for my phone on several occasions, only to find I had stashed it away on top of the fridge or some other such place, so as to keep it from the kids. Genius right? Nope. Can’t find it. 


I end up feeling like a complete and total dunder head! By the time I go to lay down for the night, I’ve probably misplaced my dratted phone at least a dozen times, and I’m not even going to get started on my keys, my medicine, or paperwork. That’s an even longer and more horrifying tale, to which we haven’t the time to get into. I hope no one looses their phone today, would be a miracle if I can keep tabs on mine!


7 thoughts on “Where Did It Go?!

  1. I know someone who misplaces her spectacles all the time. She would be wearing it, taking it for a few seconds and misplacing it all in a few seconds. I completely understand 🙂

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