Say What?!

Back in October, I had started my first ever subscription. I had done so due to the smooth talking newspaper sales person who was also trying to raise money for his college tuition. I figured it would be nice to keep up with current events, and the news paper came with Comic strips! I was delighted, because it has been a very long time since I got to see Comic strips about one of my favorite cats in all the world. The young gent said it would take up to a week to process my subscription, and I handed him a $20 for a 10 week installment. He ponied up a fresh copy of that days newspaper and bid me good day. Week went by, no newspaper. Two weeks went by, no news paper. In fact, after that day I didn’t get a newspaper. Then three days ago I get a call from the local newspaper proprietor, asking why I hadn’t renewed my subscription and if I’d like to correct this most grievous error. Without realizing it, I pulled the phone from my ear and started at it with a dumbfound expression. I quickly collected myself and said into the phone, “Why, I never even got any of the papers I had paid for, why would I renew?” The person on the other end seemed to of been shocked by this and then still tried to sell me more newspapers, but not before having the audacity to ask if I even lived within the delivery range. Well of course I live within the delivery range, why would they be offering newspapers to people that don’t? It was then that I was fondly reminded of the sheer idiocy that runs rampant through the world, so I calmly said into the phone, “I will not be purchasing any more invisible newspapers. Thank you, good bye.” I promptly clicked the hangup button and have already received two more calls since, to which I politely ignored. I hope they catch the hint, because otherwise I don’t know what more I can do for them to get the fact that I like real news, not invisible news.


3 thoughts on “Say What?!

  1. now see, I would have already written a complaint letter demanding that they send me a subscription free of charge for failure to fulfill their original contract. Got a year’s worth of papers delivered that way once. lol

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