Sweet Nothings

My kids are my pride and joy. As such I encourage them to get a healthy amount of sleep. Since they were just 6months old each they’ve had a steady prompt nap time and a solid bedtime. Their favorite part about bedtime would have to be when mommy reads them stories. We have a small collection of books, but their all time favorite is one I started reading to Marie at 6months old. They love How Do I Love You so much that I had to record myself reading the story so that they could hear it when they stay the night at Gramma’s house. My favorite part about bedtime would be the quality time we spend together. Sometimes mommy will lay down with them and sleep in their room with them, because what in the world is better than snuggles with ones sweet babies?


I’ve always firmly believed that a good solid bedtime was vital to the growth and development of children, and without such a structured time for sleep, well.. You end up with cranky children who are rarely happy. I saw this when my son was able to visit me still, as his father rarely ever had him in bed at a decent time. He loved bedtime at mommy’s house but he also found it hard to sleep after he’d been at his fathers the week prior. This always led to bad behavior, an ill temperament, and quite often tantrums.


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