Shall I Carry It?

A suitcase is a very versatile item in any business persons life. It can also be useful to people who are going on travels. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and prices. Most often suitcases are used for carrying ones personal belongings. For most of my adult life, everything I ever owned and was of importance to me could fit inside a single suitcase. I’ve lived in Kentucky since 2009, and have resided in three different towns since then. Each time I moved, all the things that I owned managed to fit within the confines of a single suitcase. I’ve always believed in living a minimalist life style. One only truly needs enough clothes to get through a week, enough shoes to keep their feet warm, one brush and perhaps a dozen hair ties just because they get lost from time to time. The only thing I couldn’t fit in my suitcase was my desktop computer, so when the Daily Prompt came up with Suitcase as the prompt, I was reminded of a much more stressful time in my life. Since I have been with my husband, life has become more relaxed, comfortable. I finally have my suitcase unpacked completely, and I don’t ever plan to pack it again.


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