The Cure

No, this isn’t about the band, this is about something more amazing. You see, they say laughter is the best medicine. Though I agree laughing does help to make one feel better, I find the best medicine would be when you hear the giggle of a baby. You see, the reason I didn’t write a post yesterday was because I was sick. Pretty badly actually. I’d been mildly sick on Monday, and it had become increasingly worse Tuesday. By Wednesday, I wasn’t able to hold my head up let alone take care of my two sweet angels. I had the girls down stairs with me, as usual, trying to do the best I could to look after them and ensure they were fed and happy. Low and behold my eldest daughter sits up on the couch with me as I am watching Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix to keep me focused and awake. She then took one of the couch pillows and laid it on the couch on the opposite side of her from where I was sitting and tugged on the bathrobe I was wearing to keep warm to get my attention. I looked at her, confused and asked her what she wanted, and she responded by telling me to lay down. Confused, I laid my head on the pillow then she laid her head next to mine and snuggled with me. Not too long after, my youngest decides to climb up on the couch and sit on my head. She gave out the most adorable giggles as she played with my head. Before I knew what was happening, both of them were giggling and playing with me, doing their best to put a smile on my face. Now here I sit, feeling so much better today than I did yesterday, albeit a tad tired from coughing through the night and not getting enough rest for most the week. I am still ever so slightly sick, just a faint cough here and there, but not nearly as bad off as I had been throughout the week thus far. Their giggles and their love helped me feel far better than any medicine could have.

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