Oh My Goodness!

So this morning was going rather well… In fact it was going quite splendidly! My sweeties were in the best of moods, nothing but smiles and laughter as I danced between their high chairs while they ate breakfast and I finished cleaning some of the dishes. We had a delightful game of chase, which quickly led into Mommy Monster, the Kiss Kleptomaniac. There was no mishaps, no frustrations, just a wonderful blissful morning, even after I started making their lunch.


It wasn’t until after lunch that disaster struck.


I finished brushing their teeth and as I was hoisting Marie from her highchair, a most foul odor hit my nostrils. Eyes nearly bugging out of my skull as my sense of smell was being assaulted, I looked at her with pure amazement and horror. It took a good while to get that child cleaned, but sadly that turned out to not be the last of my worries. It was Celeste who had the worst disaster of the two. With much dismay, and laughter from the girls, Celeste was immediately de-clothed, freed of her diaper, and stuck in the kitchen sink because it was the closest cleaning station within reach. The giggles that ensued was marvelous but the stench… I don’t think I’ll ever forget that scent.


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