A Cry In The Night

I have received a special request, and might soon find many more special requests for topics. The topic requested was Hope. It is something we all look for, some of us spending our entire lives seeking it as though it were the holy grail. Hope is what gives us the ability to hold onto life as it is, it drives us to look forward to the next day. In our heart of hearts, hope is what leads to happiness. Hope helps us achieve our goals, take great strides that others may not of ever thought possible. It helps heal wounds and make scabs peel away to show beautiful scars, showing the world that we have survived. 


Without hope we are lost and listless. We wander without purpose, and no destination for us to move in. Those of a hopeless nature live their life day in and day out, doing the same thing with no new results. They walk in an endless circle that seems to always land them where they originated. It is our hope that drives us and allows us to advance to the next chapter of our lives. It ignites a passion deep within us that we otherwise would never of known existed. This beautiful gift of hope transcends all others, because without hope we cannot have anything, not even love. It is what connects us with others and allows us to find common ground, and binds us for life. Hope is much like love in that it grants those with it great happiness and is endless in its bounty.


Spring is often the bringer of hope, as it is the time of year when life springs anew. Other times that bring hope would be Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as these times of year are about hope in and of itself. Christmas being right before the New Years, when one counts the good in the old year and hopes of what is to come in the new. Where as Thanksgiving is the time of hope for the fact that it is a time of thankfulness, in which we try to spread our joys with those of others with the hope that such thanks will be contagious. We as people often seek to spread hope throughout our world, even when faced with extreme moments of darkness.


Dear readers, I wish of you to do a favor. The next time you’re walking down the street and you see someone who looks downtrodden, give them a reminder that hope deserves a chance to better their lives. Even if it is simply a smile or a nod. Be it just a kind gesture to an elderly person needing help with their groceries in their car, or a young one struggling with bullies. I know each and every one of us has the ability to instill hope in others, it is our honor bound duty as humans to spread hope and in turn, share our love with those around us.


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