When Will I?

Often one wonders when and where our last breath will be. We wonder why, why is it our last and what could we have done to avert the situation that resulted in our last breath. Problem is we never know until it happens. It leads to contemplation and review of our lives and what we have done. Did we spread joy, happiness, and love? Or have we wrought sorrow, sewn the seeds of despair, and trampled upon the downtrodden? Were we able to make a difference in the lives of those around us, or were we merely a wall flower who solemnly sat unspoken and unnoticed?

Life is a precious thing so instead of thinking when, where, why, what, and how, simply focus on what you can do to create a name for yourself in the eyes of those around you. Make a difference even if only within your own inner circle, because differences no matter how small are like ripples in a pond. They continue to grow even after the droplet has hit the water, distorting the surface until the whole pond has been altered. We have the potential to be magnificent and amazing, so focus less on the end and focus on the today that you can change and the tomorrow of difference.

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