My Little World

Most people have shoes, and hordes of them. Many have shelves of them to the point they encompass the entire walls. Many also have throngs of purses hanging from the walls, and from hangers for more space. Me? I have a storage tote full of important paperwork, a laundry basket of small toys, and a collective of large toys that I can’t keep anywhere else but my walk in closet. I have some clothing hung in there, but not much. I rather keep my wardrobe small and simple, with only the essentials that one needs.


I don’t really need a lot of personal things, I have 3 pairs of shoes. I don’t own a purse, clutch, handbag, or any such item. I have a wallet, which is on my person almost all the time unless I lose the bloody thing. Which happens often, sadly. I have a body pillow in there too, but it is hidden by some kid toys so I rarely get to use it. Often enough during the day when the kids want to play in their room my closet looks barren. I keep nicknacks and such in there as well, along with some memorabilia items like a box I made back in wood shop class from high school. I don’t really need a whole lot to make me happy.Β 


However if you look at my husbands closet, he has a larger selection of clothing than I do. He also has a entertainment stand in his closet with all our movies and such on it. We also have a lock chest with our armaments stashed in there for safe keeping. If you looked at our childrens’ closet you’d see throngs of clothing all over the place, so many outfits and dresses it would blow your mind and astound you in comparison with my own selection. On the shelf we store the girls’ extra bedding, their shoes, some extra toys and bubbles and their night night stories.Β 


I believe in a simple life style for myself, but when thinking of my children, I cannot seem to stop myself from buying them extra tidbits here and there. A new outfit, dress, or night night clothes. I cannot help but spoil my children, and I think it is because my mom did the same for my sister and I. I want my children to have a good life, a happy life, full of options and selection. I don’t know if that makes me a good parent, or a bad one, but it makes me happy to spoil my girls.


12 thoughts on “My Little World

  1. Sounds just like your mother my dear! haha Loved buying things for my girls and rarely bought things for myself… Much more fun to see the delighted looks on your faces! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  2. I firmly believe that a mom can NOT spoil her children by giving them things so long as it is done with LOVE……for they will always see the LOVE behind the gifts. And knowing how much love you have for those cute kids of yours………they won’t be spoiled. And who on Earth needs more than a couple of pair of shoes? sheesh!

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