Just… Why

I am one of those people who cannot stand those who are fake. Fake people for some reason just drive me absolutely batty. They are usually two faced lying conniving tools who like to act one way to your face then another way behind your back. It isn’t hard to really notice when someone is being fake, they aren’t good at hiding it. The biggest problem with fake people is how obvious they are about how they’re so fake. I pride myself on being an honest up front person who tells it how it is, so spotting a fake is like taking a walk in the park.


I don’t fully understand what the allure is in being fake, I mean it isn’t like you really make any actual friends. The only friends to be made when you’re fake as hell are people who will eventually regret having ever met you because they’ll come to realize eventually just how fake you really are. You make more enemies than friends, and even the friends you do make won’t last because you wont have a real friendship, since friendship is based on truth and loyalty. So what really is the appeal in being so gosh darn untrue? I doubt I could understand it if someone literally just sat there and spent three hours explaining it to me.


3 thoughts on “Just… Why

  1. I have tried for YEARS to figure out why people act the way they do…..and I have come up with the answer.
    Most of humanity are categorized as the following: 1% honest, loyal people of compassion and love……..99% are just tools.

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