Our Home

Our planet is our home, it is a beautiful place filled with different cultures and faiths. Earth is so far the only inhabitable planet found in our solar system, as to the best of my knowledge. We don’t treat it as nicely as we ought to though, and to me that is a major disappointment. Instead of working to be kind to our planet and its environment, we create weapons of mass destruction that result in the destruction of our beautiful home. We create craters and ruin the wildlife that inhabit some beautiful landscapes. We work to destroy those who don’t agree with us instead of working together to keep our home lush and well furnished with plant life and the creatures that reside on our little home.


We throw trash on our home, pollute the beautiful waters until they become murky and uninhabitable. We create smog and industrial waste that destroy the air that we breath that our loving Earth makes for us, and we don’t even give it a second thought. What truly great creatures we humans are that we can take a magnificent gift, a home bequeathed to us by nature itself, and turn it basically into a giant landfill. I should not be the only one outraged by our inability to respect and love our home, because if someone walked into your domicile and treated it the way we as people treat the Earth, I am certain you wouldn’t allow them to come back. You would voice your disappointment, even if only passive aggressively. The fury of a visitor throwing their trash on your floors and stinking up your home would be known. 


So why is it we believe we have the right to do this to the home of nature, the place that we live? Without Earth, we wouldn’t have a home. We probably wouldn’t even exist! We all need to do our part to take care of our planet, be it holding onto your trash until you can get to a recycling receptacle, carpooling, or walking to your destination. Please, don’t add yourself to the list of people causing disappointment in the eyes of our beautiful planet. Treat it like you would your own home. With love, reverence, and compassion.


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