Up In A Tower

For most parents, it is easy to get locked into a routine or feel trapped in your own home as if you’ve been locked away in a tower. I have been trying myself to get myself out of such a sensation, but with my kids being so young and not really all that great at listening when mommy says the dreaded no word, it gets hard to really go out even just for a walk around the block. The worst part about being locked in a set of how the day goes by or being stuck in your house as though you’re a princess trapped in a tower is that there feels as though there is no way to escape.


I have a routine that the kids pretty much are stuck on and refuse to give up. I am not even remotely kidding, my kids are up by 7am and if I’m not awake they play for a while and I’m awoken no later than 8am for breakfast time. Our schedule is so tightly put together that the very idea of not having lunch at 11am drives them mad to the point that they will literally scream as if someone is beating them to death. There have been times where I’ve had company or someone calls me shortly before lunch time and if it hits 11:20am and they’ve not been seated for lunch, they make their displeasure known and loudly. Same goes for dinner time, if they aren’t eating by 6:10pm, the entire home echos with their frustrated cries. I’ve been trying to push their bedtime beyond 7pm and it has not been working, at all.


My girls are adventurous though, and trying to take them out can be more of a pain than fun. Stroller walks end up with cranky screaming that makes me not even want to think about taking them out. Even trying to take them outside for an adventure in the back yard turns into a fiasco of epic proportions. I end up being split in two practically as I try to chase one down as the other runs in the complete opposite direction. One of the biggest problems is they both like trying to run out into the street, so our outdoor excursions end up with me holding both girls, one under each arm, and trudging back into the house.


This period of time is the roughest, because they’re close in age and both want to venture out into the great out doors and are dead set in their routine. I know that as they get older it will get easier, but at this period of time… I am trapped like a maiden locked in a tower who is only allowed to venture out at special times. I am not looking forward to them growing up, but I am looking forward to a time when we can have outside fun without the worry of one of them trying to get hit by a car.


4 thoughts on “Up In A Tower

  1. I have one word of advice (totally unsolicited I know).LEASHES……….yes, leashes. get those really cute little harnesses and stick those babies on a leash. You will be totally embarrassed for about five minutes until you see just how much freedom MOM has. and if that doesn’t work, just remember…this time next year it will all be a misty memory. ❤

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