It’s A Secret!

As a kid, a whisper was a lovely thing. It was followed by giggle fits and squeals of delight. It was like having your very own special secret, even if everyone else already knew. As one grows older, whispers become hushed tones of things to be worried about like who got into what and where things were hidden that you absolutely knew you had to know about because, hey, that could be a Christmas present you really wanted! They became sundry things as you started middle school and high school, always surrounding one or two people that everyone else ostracized, or maybe talking about the cutest girl/boy in school. All the rumors being whispered about in hushed tons were astounding, and you’d always hear the same ones about the same people about half a million times.


Sadly as you advance into adulthood, these whispers become less friendly. Snarky whispers behind your back at the work place, or snide hushed remarks about you at the store as you try to get your shopping done. There will always be those people making crude statements in quiet voices in regards to the way you live your life, do your job, or care for your family. There are mommy groups who snarkily remark about another mom who isn’t in the group and hold their noses up in disdain when that non-group joining mom walks by with children in hand. Whispers of, “She just has no idea what she is doing.” Even though she could very well be doing just fine, without these busy bodies trying to push her around.


So how is it we go from fun happy giggle inducing whispers to rumor spreading hate filled whispers? Times like this, reflecting on what I’ve learned, I wish more and more that I were still a kid.

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