May I Please?

Lately I’ve become like a cooking master, working to make healthy yet filling food for every meal. I used to really love making breakfast but since my kids don’t really know how to use a fork or spoon with the dexterity needed to eat eggs, sausage, or bacon… I’ve been keeping breakfast mostly to oatmeal and pancakes or waffles. As of the past couple weeks, I’ve begun loving to make dinner and deserts. So much so that I went totally over kill last night. Way major over kill.


I wanted to make pork chop, spinach, and red onion quiche. The problem was that I didn’t have any singularly frozen pork chops, so I had to cook two in order to get one for the quiche. I realized then that I had no choice but to make two quiche’s, and in order to do that, I needed to ask my dear neighbor for a favor. I had to borrow another pie tin. It was here that my night started to turn to a dreary hell. After I’d borrowed the pie tin, the crust flaked on me. It took forever to mince the pork chop so it wouldn’t be like taking a bite out of a pork chop and more of like biting into a heavenly quiche. I had forgotten I had a mincing blade on my mini-food processor… So I’d been mincing the pork chop by hand with a fork and steak knife. *facepalm* I felt like an idiot. I didn’t manage to get the quiche in the oven until around 5:30pm, and I felt so bad because I had wanted to invite my neighbor over for dinner since I’d borrowed her pie tin. It wasn’t done until 7pm, but by George it tasted delicious!





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