Who’d Of Thunk It?

Well… Today’s prompt is about crossroads, and honestly, the only thing I can think of is an episode from Supernatural in which people would make deals with demons to sign their soul over to the devil in return for favors. Actually, they have a couple episodes concerning the Crossroads Demon’s, one of which Sam summons a demon with the hope of getting Dean out of his soul contract. Funnily enough his exchange ends with him killing the demon, which made me laugh. The coincidental part about it was Dean only sold his soul to bring Sam back to life! The irony of it is so thick it is ridiculous.


I get the whole concept of wanting to bring ones brother back from the dead, but.. Was that really a wise idea? I love the closeness of the relationship between Sam and Dean but… Even for me, that is a tad far fetched. I don’t think I could really see myself selling my soul for any of my siblings, and I actually like 1 of my 3 siblings! Though I completely understand Sam’s outrage, considering he was already dead, selling his soul wouldn’t bother him too much really. Heck, if I’d died and someone sold their soul to bring me back, I probably would’ve tried to do the same thing!






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