Wonderful Day

So my day started out kind of dreadful, in fact it was so far from being a good day that I was literally in tears and about to pull my own hair out of my head. It stemmed from a long list of things going wrong that I just don’t really feel like getting into. Somehow, even with the attempted assistance from others, my problems didn’t really get resolved, so much as they eventually got pushed to the back of my mind to the point they no longer mattered.


It all started when my husband got up to get ready for work. He sat there and listened to me complain and go on, whining about whatever it was that was bothering me. Then he came up with a most wonderful and amazing resolution! We got the kids up from nap time, which they never actually took a nap today… Just kept running around their room like a couple of whackadoos. He suggested trying again to get Marie to use the potty like a big girl, so I did, and BLAMO! She went potty like a big girl! I was so proud of her that I didn’t have words to express my excitement. Daddy immediately rushed off to grab her a big girl cookie for being such a good girl and going potty, then took her downstairs and fed her some big people Quiche as an added bonus to being such a big girl for mommy.


After the kids had been settled down to eat snacks for after nap time, the hubby man helped me get the kids shoes and socks on and we went on a spur of the moment walk down to the local Family Dollar. I had found the most adorable little outdoorsy dress that would look spectacular on Celeste, and a cute shirt with skirt that had a butterfly on it for my Marie. She loves butterflies because we have so much fun reading the book The Hungry Caterpillar all the time, so I knew it was perfectly fabulous for her. The way there, Marie and I were holding hands and giggled as we acted like we were running from daddy and sissy who was in the stroller.


I think one of the best parts about our walk though was watching Marie with my husband. The two are such a pair of characters, and they are so incredibly adorable together. I managed to snag a picture to immortalize todays events, at least, the good parts.




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