A Homage To The Past

So… Today I decided to go rifling through some of my old things that I’ve kept over the years. One of the things I found happened to be a letter from my old high school guidance Councillor. Honestly it sort of brought me to tears reading it, because looking back, there really wasn’t anyone there for me aside from my Mom, my Aunt Shirley, and Mr. Ellis my guidance councillor… Thought I would share with the blogosphere this letter, it meant a lot to me.


Slim Shady, Shannatarish, Holintra, Alaquistic, Yashimaritsu,
I don’t know if you will ever show up to get this, but if you do, it has been great getting to know you. You may not know, but I have resigned from my job because my wife and I feel it is best for our family to move to Canada to be closer to family up there. I wanted to say goodbye.
Shay, you have so many talents, the thing I like most about you is that you have the ability to be loyal to those closest to you. Your life has been tough, and you have deserved more loyalty from your own family. I just want you to know that you can change that if you want in your own family someday. If you have kids, make them the most important thing to you, that is the secret to life that most people in our selfish culture do not care about. You can make your life different from now on. You always brightened my day whenever I saw you, you will be one of the most memorable students I ever worked with.
If you ever want to e-mail and say hi, you can.
Mr. Ellis


I don’t remember if I ever did email him. I think at that time I was mostly wrapped up in being upset that he had left. He was the one person I felt I could always turn to if I felt I couldn’t talk to my mom. At that time, that happened a lot because come on, I was an angst teen with attitude problems. He never did quite get the acronym for Shay quite right though, which always made me smile. He could pronounce it though, I made sure of that! Pretty sure I even once wrote down how to properly pronounce it for him just so I could ensure if he did call for me by what Shay stood for, he wouldn’t butcher it. Again, angst teen problems, right? I don’t think I ever truly expressed to him the deep gratitude I had for him though, and I hope that one day he sees this and knows just how much it meant to me that he was there for me. He truly was one of the most amazing adults I ever got the pleasure to meet. I often compare Dr. Sweets from Bones to him, just because they are both honest to goodness good people who just want those around him to be happy. They both strive to better the lives of those around them, and are amazing people in general.


Mr. Ellis if this ever meets your gaze, thank you. It meant the world to me having gotten the chance to know someone like you in my life. Your words have been deeply ingrained in my mind, and I have done my best to always put my children first. I don’t know if I would’ve done so regardless of your letter, but I do know your letter gave me hope. Hope for a brighter future, a wonderful family of my own, and a deep rooted desire to try helping others who go through the same history as myself.


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